Alternative Dispute Resolution or "Mediation": our commitment for you.

Mediation Conflicts represent a "normal" situation in everyday of a corporate life! Business Mediation helps to solve these problems cost.effectively and constructively as well as creatively and on a long term basis.

It is our mission to take the high demands of our customers or to conduct the mediation process quickly and creatively, and to accompany you efficiently through the whole process. In entrepreneurial workshops we also offer you to experience the principles of mediation through dedicated use cases (individual or teams), to conduct in-house coaching and intervision seminars.

Mediation is highly promising, as it brings an "alternative dispute resolution" to overcrowded courts. This is shown by the variety of conflicts that paralyze the high number of judicial proceedings that may result, especially in an international context to extremely high costs, with no guarantee of results.

We are using an international network of mediators as appropriate and constantly thrive to improve our skills so as to meet the growing expectations both of our customers and the digitilization of business / the economy. Last but not least, we place great emphasis on confidentiality, where references are available on demand.

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