Senior Executive Coaching defined as successfully maintaining every future chance of career success.

According to the German Federal Association for Coaching (DBVC), which follows a systematic approach to develop coaching as a profession and is very committed to high standards in the profession, coaching is defined as follows:

Coaching is the professional advice, guidance and support of people with managerial / control functions and of experts in companies / organizations. The objective of coaching is to foster the further development of individual or collective learning and performance processes through reflecting and improving primarily professional related topics.

As a result coaching aims at increasing performance through solution-oriented and creative advice, which the client acts upon along a transparent process with the target to reaching beforehand, defined goals. The coach acts therefore in counseling the individual needs of the client working through a process that supports the improvement of the environment situation and roles that the client performs under demanding conditions. The value-and future-oriented development of the company / organization gets enriched and further promoted by optimizing the human potential of its leaders and managers.

Coaching is a combination of individual assistance for addressing various concerns and personal advice. In such consultation, the client is encouraged by a very special process to develop their own solutions. The coach is capable of finding the causes of problems and therefore is used to identify and resolve the processes leading to the problem. The client learns so ideally to solve his problems independently, develop their behavior / his/her attitudes and to achieve effective results.

A fundamental feature of professional coaching resides in the promotion of self-reflection and perception, as well as self-directed extension or improvement of the possibilities of the client as far as perception, experience and behavior are concerned. We would be happy to understand in a first free of charge discussion with you what specific targets you would want to follow through our creative and highly qualitative coaching process: all you need is to send us an email below. We look forward to speaking with you!