About Us

Sandra Stickel and Denis Gautheret are your partners for the Stickel Mediation portfolio of services.

We understand our role as mediators when it comes to find a creative, cost effective and long lasting results-oriented conflict resolution. As Coaches, we advise individuals and teams as well as companies. As business mediators, we mediate between conflicting parties as a neutral third party, also in intercultural cases.

As an efficient well performing team, we also offer mediation together - as co-mediation - and we also coach and facilitate both within and international SOHOs as well as large multinational corporations. Co-mediation bears the advantage to solve cases fasters and more efficiently where multiple parties have become caught in the spiral of escalation stages and cannot come alone to a solution of causes of conflicts. Increased attention to the interests of all parties leads to a sustained reasonable and lasting win-win solution.

What sets us apart:

We have the adequate long-term, cross-cultural and international experience to assess the conflict and those outside court hearing, with the clear target to resolve it with you in a win win situation. You are then sure to find a permanent binding solution.

We place great value on quality and achieve this by using techniques always appropriate, so that you can fully benefit from our experience.
We speak "your" language, learned through particularly strong national and international experience in conflict management, have a pragmatic look and sound business knowledge to quickly find the right approach for you.

Sandra Stickel: an experienced Personal Developer, Mediator and Coach with highly developed cross-cultural skills

Ms. Stickel draws on over 23 years of professional experience in various sectors (including recruitment, automotive, services and training sectors such as sales and project management) and countless projects or consulting and mediation approaches. She also collected experiences and qualifications in her intercultural career through customer-oriented and creative solutions. She has a very high flexible empathy capability and works with techniques that are "context-sensitive".

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Denis Gautheret: Many years of business experience with cross-cultural focus

Mr. Gautheret can look over a 23-year business experience in mid-sized, international joint ventures and large corporations in various industries over 6 countries. As Vice President and respected 6 Sigma Black Belt as well as experienced project / program manager he has demonstrated first hand how processes and procedures in international business operations, can be permanently simplified or improved.

He has an extensive three-language cross-cultural experience in the areas of marketing, finance, operations, human resources, organization, distribution and digitalization of businesses. His knowledge of the expectations of Board Members is a guarantee that business-related challenges find their tailor-made and sustainable solution focused on the customer.

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